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This is my graphic journal. I can't tell how often I update. I'm also still a newbie to this and don't really know (yet!) how to use brushes and stuff. So don't expect the most excellent graphics here. I just like to do some graphics and decided to make a journal only for this purpose.

about me
*born '85 in germany, female, currently trying to get my life back in order

*reading, watching tv shows, going to the movies, listening to music, twitter (yes I'm an addict)

my fandoms
*NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, CSI, Marvel

Current Landcomms
avland (Team Science)
universe_the Team Water
sleepyhollowlnd Team Horsemen

crimeland (Team Garcia) - bigbang_land (Team Slugger) - caseland (Team Morgue) - tvrealm (Team Chiller), [community profile] ncis_verse (Team DC) - [community profile] h50land (Team H50)


- Please credit to “gennfa” or "gennfagraphics" if you take
- Comments about my graphics are ♥
- Don´t hotlink
- Don´t claim or edit my graphics as your own
- Watch my journal for updates
- Enjoy!

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